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With 'The Ever After Project' we want to contribute to making a better world by supporting various different causes, using art and music. And we are lucky & really proud to be working with so many great artists, from all around the world, who want to join us on our mission!

Below you find all our artists with a link to their website or Facebook. In the future we'll be adding more information about the artists, and of course we hope that many more will join us.
Lars Bygdén
Lars Bygdén (with Daniel Ek & Emma Ahlberg) (SE) • Summertime
A Swede taking Americana back to the USA? It sounds crazy, but why not? While the form of Bygdén’s music might be inherently American, the content is all his own and comes from the most fundamental and important of places, in a totally earnest manner that country music fans more than many must surely appreciate.
“I always write from the heart,” states Bygdén. “I think it’s the only way I can do it.”
Annie Wildgen
Annie Wildgen (with Shawn Byrne & Kevin Condon) (US) • Blue Jay
A unique voice and a true passion for country music led this 23 year-old singer/songwriter to chase her dreams down in Nashville, TN. With a crossover sound of country, folk and pop, she is sure to capture the attention of every listener with each performance through her incredibly clear voice, amazing harmonizing ability and remarkable songwriting style.
T.B. Florusse
T.B. Florusse (NL) •  When The World Is Fast Asleep
T.B. Florusse is a 22 year old captivating singer, songwriter and producer based in Dordrecht, NL.
Inspired by the hustle and bustle of daily life, his stories are captured into honest, narrative songs.
Iain Matthews
Iain Matthews (UK) •  Alone Again Blues (Live)
When some artists are referred to as “legends” it is usually measured in years, or based on the quality of their music. Few are measured in both time and quality. One artist that has been judged by both is Iain Matthews.
After more than forty five years Iain is still moving forward and at the top of his game.
Linda Kreuzen
Linda Kreuzen (with Michel Ebben) (NL) • To Say Goodbye
I want to be touched by music, so moved that tears will appear in my eyes... I want it to make me shout and simultaneously let me be completely silent. What is more beautiful than to cause those feelings myself?
Eric Taylor
Eric Taylor (with Susan Lindfors Taylor) (US) • Big Love
Eric Taylor is a sage musician, a lyrical genius and a master of the guitar. If you’re familiar with the intricate Texas singer/songwriter jigsaw puzzle, you probably already know a lot about Taylor. If you’re not familiar with Taylor by name, you’ve probably heard his songs performed by people such as Nanci Griffith and Lyle Lovett.
Michel Ebben
Michel Ebben (NL) • A Letter to Dreamland
He is intense, raw, a live performer and a witty entertainer who captures his audience with a howl and a joke! A unique voice, in uenced both by old time music as by his contemporaries. Drifting from folk to blues, from country to Americana, carrying only a guitar, harmonica and banjo. Michel also works as a producer, engineer, co-writer and multi-instrumentalist with other artists at his own Tempting Tunes Studios.
Edwina Hayes
Edwina Hayes (UK) • Run
Edwina’s beautifully written songs, charming stage presence and voice of an angel have won her a reputation as a true natural talent of gentle folk-Americana.
She has opened numerous shows for Jools Holland and Van Morrison as well as her own gigs playing stages everywhere from Glastonbury Festival to The Royal Albert Hall. The title track of her album Pour Me A Drink was covered by Nanci Griffith who calls her “The sweetest voice in England”.
The Bones of J.R. Jones
The Bones of J.R. Jones (US) • The Good You’ve Given Me
Where some musicians lock themselves away in a studio to create an album or a concrete collection of songs, Linaberry can’t help but write whenever inspiration strikes; a victim of his own creativity. The blues singer and multi-instrumentalist, who incorporates elements of old-time folk into the all-encompassing persona of The Bones of J.R. Jones, describes his songwriting as “a continuing evolution.”
Half Way Station
Half Way Station (NL) • Tailfeathers
Half Way Station is pure chemistry on stage! They roll electric guitar and psychedelic synth-drones into their own recognizable style, that is both energizing and soulful. On top of that lies the intense voice of their lead singer Elma Plaisier.
Martha Jane Settler
Martha Jane Settler (NL) • Nog Heel Even
Martha Jane Settler is about sound and image. Lyrics are important as an overlap between the two disciplines. They emerge from the same source. They are like a brother and sister, walking along in my live.
Growing up in The Middle of Nowhere, made me use my imagination at a very young age. Music, writing and drawing became natural to me. A daily activity, my imagination my best friend.
Delouise (NL) • Starry Night
Inspired by artists as Lucinda Williams, Sheryl Crow and Neil Young, Delouise creates her own world as a singer & songwriter. At the beginning of 2016 she released a new single: Starry Night. An intimate song, for when it’s too dark outside, or inside. She was the first artist to donate a song to The Ever After Project.

Corvin Silvester
Corvin Silvester (NL) • This is Real
Corvin’s life is all about writing and playing music; either with his two bands - C.C. Grand and Crowjane - or in his own studio, composing and creating songs and music for television shows. Next to being a talented writer, Corvin’s also a gifted guitar player with a rough but golden voice. And yes, he’s also married!

Corvin Silvester
Kalulu (NL) • Forgot to Ask
Kalulu is a changing formation, centered around front woman Marinka Stam. Originated in Rotterdam, where the band members met each other four years ago. They have continued to challenge each other musically both on and off stage ever since. With Kalulu, they created a band that strongly dislikes conforming to existing patterns and that loves to stray off the beaten track.
Mark Lotterman
Mark Lotterman (NL) • I Miss You
His songs are well known for their storytelling lyrics and his performances for their expression and authenticity. Mark’s style is often compared with Nick Cave, Johnny Cash and Tom Waits.
HOLLAND is Mark’s latest album. He asked painters, writers, scientists, schools and photographers to contribute something to one of the songs from the album. These are shown on where Lotterman releases the songs one by one.
Bregje Sanne Lacourt
Bregje Sanne Lacourt (with Michel Ebben) (NL) • Yellow Brolly
Melancholy, the joy of life and self mockery are walking hand in hand. She describes her her life in detail with a mix of country, folk & blues that gives her music an American feel; Nashville but not Nashville.
Ted Russell Kamp
Ted Russell Kamp (with Kirsten Proffit) (US) • Take My Song With You
Ted Russell Kamp is an LA-based bass player, singer/songwriter and producer. Ted writes, records and travels the world performing his own country/roots/Americana music from his seven critically-acclaimed albums.
Ted also plays live, records sessions and collaborates on songs with A-list songwriters and musicians in Nashville, Austin and around the world. Ted recently built a new studio and has already produced several well-received albums for fellow artists.
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