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About The Ever After Project

With 'The Ever After Project' Demet & Michel want to contribute to making our world a better place, by supporting various different causes, using art and music.

The idea of The Ever After Project was born in the beginning of 2016. Michel recorded 'A Letter from Dreamland - First Snow will fall Tonight' for Imara Ilayda, Demet's and Michel's niece of six years old. She was taken to the hospital in November 2015. After a sickbed of a few weeks she died of liver failure. Michel wrote this song with the hope that she would get better and that she would be home for Christmas time. Fate decided otherwise and she passed away the week before Christmas. With her parents we decided to donate all earnings of the song to the Nederlandse Leverpatiënten Vereniging (Dutch Liver patients Association).

In January 2016 Demet suggested that it would be a beautiful idea to make a compilation album with on it songs contributed by friends and other artists we know. With the album ‘Tree of Life’ we want to celebrate life in general and more specifically, to be grateful for the beautiful moments we all have and see around us, every day again.

If you want to support us, please, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and other social media and of course visit this website regurarly for updates and other news!
ABOUT Tree of Life

Tree of Life
'Tree of Life' is the first release of The Ever After Project and we're really proud of it! National & international artists are joining forces on this beautiful compilation album. Never before there has been an album with 17 artists from the Netherlands and abroad, who all contributed a rare and special version of one of their songs, or a song especially written for this project!

With Ever After we want to promote and support financially the Dutch Liver Patients Association (NLV). With the album Tree of Life we want to celebrate life in general and more specifically, to be grateful for the beautiful moments we all have and see around us, every day again! Ever After - Tree of Life finds her muse and inspiration in Imara Illayda

The official release of our album and the start of more things to come is Sunday the 27th of November, in Rotown, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Seven artists included on Ever After - Tree of Life will perform their song and a short set of 15 minutes. It would be great if you can join us this special afternoon!

Our artists: Lars Bygdén (SW), Shawn Byrne (US), Delouise (NL), Michel Ebben (NL), T.B. Florusse (NL), Edwina Hayes (UK), The Bones of JR Jones (US), Kalulu (NL), Ted Russell Kamp (US), Linda Kreuzen (NL), Bregje Sanne Lacourt (NL), Mark Lotterman (NL), Iain Matthews (UK), Halfway Station (NL), Martha Jane Settler (NL), Corvin Sylvester (NL) & Eric Taylor (US).

The beautiful drawing used on all our artwork is drawn by Eliz, a 12 year old, very talented girl living in Rotterdam. The graphic design is done by Michel Ebben.